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Healthy Cranberry Dishes for This Festive Season

A reside cookout consultation has been arranged to advertise the use and intake of US Cranberries in India with Chef Vicky Ratnani through the Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) to make festive dishes wholesome.

Every yr the festive season is filled with a variety of extravagant meals that comprise top quantities of energy. Foods like mulled wine, liqueur beverages, chocolates, cookies, and plum cake are positive to extend weight all over this season.

‘The cook out event creates positive awareness among Indian consumers about the health benefits of US Cranberries.’

Chef Vicky Ratnani at this tournament confirmed some festive recipes with a wholesome twist of Cranberries, slicing down at the energy and ensuring to cause them to nutritious. The program was once arranged at ‘The Bandra Project By Pizza Express’ in Mumbai.

Cranberry, poses a plethora of benefits like keeping up pores and skin successfully, fights headaches like UTI, and is a wealthy supply of Vitamin B, C, D and E.

“Today’s millennial consumers are putting health at the front and center of their food needs and are looking at the promise of berries, roots, leaves, and seeds to lead a healthy life. Due to this changing behaviour and awareness, a lot of international super food such as US cranberries are making inroads to Indian palettes. Looking at this huge market opportunity, Cranberry Marketing Committee, USA (CMC) is taking a series of initiatives to create awareness among Indian consumers about cranberries’ health benefits and usage. This cook out event is a step forward in raising positive awareness among Indian consumers about US Cranberries,” mentioned Ankur Bisen, Senior Vice President, Technopak.

Currently, the Premium meals phase accounts for about 25 % of the entire packaged meals marketplace and is rising yearly at 10 %.

Cranberry Marketing Committee, USA (CMC) is taking projects to create consciousness amongst Indian shoppers about well being advantages of cranberries and their use.

‘Vicky’s Cranberry Kitchen’ is the identify of the cook dinner out consultation that is likely one of the projects taken through CMC. They sought after to coach the patrons and to create consciousness.

Indian chef Vicky Ratnani all over the reside US cranberry recipe demonstration mentioned, “Myriad health benefits of U.S. Cranberries are being recognized increasingly and we are constantly innovating with food to integrate them into diets year round. These nutrition-packed pearls of nature not only add visual appeal to my recipes, but also make them delicious and healthy. Their versatility as an ingredient allows me to use them for a variety of dishes, from bakes and sauces to juices and soups and I am always experimenting with them in my food to elevate its health and nutrition quotient.”

Source: Medindia

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