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Consumption of Food Supplements may Have Health Risks

Food dietary supplements are superfluous for wholesome people on an ordinary vitamin. “Food supplements are in vogue, and many people believe that they can provide health benefits”, says BfR President Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel.

“But the consumption of food supplements may also be associated with health risks. The best nutritional strategy basically involves a balanced and varied diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Such a diet supplies a healthy body with all essential substances. In most cases, therefore, food supplements are superfluous.” The higher consumption of magnesium by way of such merchandise as meals dietary supplements along with the magnesium ingested via an individual’s commonplace vitamin can result in diarrhoea.

‘No negative health effects have been observed to date in healthy consumers in connection with the intake of magnesium via the normal diet.’

The aforementioned well being issues led to by means of over the top magnesium consumption are absolutely reversible inside one or two days and don’t pose an important well being possibility to wholesome people with commonplace renal serve as. Nevertheless, those issues are to be considered as unwanted well being results. Cases of diarrhoea weren’t seen with intakes of as much as 250 mg magnesium in keeping with day along with the magnesium consumption by way of the standard vitamin.

The most day-to-day degree applies to other folks from the age of four upwards. Due to an absence of knowledge, it’s not imaginable to derive a most day-to-day degree for kids beneath the age of four. The BfR recommends that the utmost day-to-day dose be divided between a minimum of two intakes in keeping with day, as maximum research used to derive the utmost degree unfold the magnesium consumption over two or extra parts an afternoon, and it’s most probably that this improves tolerability. In reference to the consumption of magnesium by way of the standard vitamin, no unfavourable well being results had been seen thus far in wholesome customers.

As sooner than, the brand new review of the BfR is in keeping with the present Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) derived by means of the EU’s Scientific Committee on Food (SCF), a predecessor frame of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In 2001, the SCF derived a UL of 250 mg of magnesium in keeping with day for extra (= supplemental) magnesium consumption by way of meals dietary supplements or fortified meals. The present review by means of the BfR additionally contains the findings of more moderen human research.

Magnesium is an crucial mineral and a component discovered incessantly within the earth’s crust in addition to within the human frame. It performs a very powerful function in lots of metabolic processes in addition to within the formation of nucleic acids, bone formation, membrane body structure, neuromuscular sign transmission and muscle contraction.

Source: Eurekalert

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