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Cataract Awareness Low Among Elderly In India, Asia

Cataract is clouding of the attention’s herbal lens, which lies at the back of the iris and the student. Compared to global’s blind inhabitants (39 million), India with just about 12 million has a number of the very best percentage of blind folks on the planet.

Over 50 p.c of older adults in six nations of Asia, together with India, consider that remedy for cataract will have to happen best after the illness develops absolutely, reveals a survey. The survey, titled “Alcon More to See”, led by means of international eye care primary Alcon, highlighted the essential gaps within the wisdom and consciousness of cataract in India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Australia.

‘Despite cataract being a leading cause of vision impairment in the above 60+ age-groups in India and other parts of Asia, people cited that cataract is not a serious disease and gets better with time.’

Despite cataract being a number one reason for imaginative and prescient impairment within the above 60+ age-groups in India and different portions of Asia, 30 p.c of folks cited that cataract isn’t a significant illness and will get higher with time.

The respondents additionally lacked the data that age-related cataract is a modern illness, and can result in visible impairment and blindness if no longer handled.

“Waiting isn’t the answer. If you have any symptoms, including blurry vision, see an eye care professional and seek advice on how and when you should be treated,” Sandeep Bothra, Country Business Head (Surgical) at Alcon, mentioned in a observation.

While lower than 50 p.c of the respondents had been not able to call even one symptom, 16 p.c erroneously indexed itchy eyes as a symptom of cataract.

Cataract is a modern illness that may best be handled by means of surgical procedure. Symptoms come with cloudy or blurry imaginative and prescient, colors having a look pale or yellowing, gentle and glare sensitivity, seeing “halos” round lighting, deficient night time imaginative and prescient, and many others.

According to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) cataract is the single-largest issue for blindness in India, accounting for just about 63 p.c of the full burden of imaginative and prescient impairment within the nation.

The survey used to be according to 2,400 women and men over 60 years of age, from six nations.

Source: IANS

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